The DeSoto

About the Historic DeSoto Theatre


In early 1928, O. C. Lam, owner of Lam Amusement Company, laid plans to construct a new movie theater in Rome, Georgia, modeled after New York’s Roxy. It was the first venue in the South designed and built as a “talkie” for sound films.
When the DeSoto opened in August 1929, it was one of the seven largest movie venues in Georgia.
It was an instant success and the pride of Rome. The Historic DeSoto Theatre Foundation maintains and preserves this legacy for future generations.

DeSoto Theatre

About the Historic DeSoto Theatre Foundation

The Historic DeSoto Theatre Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 2008 to secure the future of the iconic 1929 theatre in downtown Rome.
We are committed to preserving the tradition and legacy that is the Jewel of Broad Street. It is our mission to usher in the movie house that introduced us to “talkies” into the age of “selfies” and social media.
Next year, the DeSoto Theatre will celebrate 90 years of downtown entertainment, the only theatre left in Downtown Rome’s once-thriving arts district. 

Annual Fund 2018 Donors 

Our Foundation is maintained by our fundraising events and the generous donations of our supporters. We could not do this without you. Thank you!

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Help us Keep the Jewel of Broad Street Shining Bright.

Please donate to our Annual Fund. Your donations not only help us to complete the restoration of this cherished landmark, but will transform the DeSoto once again into a modern performance venue able to attract world-class acts to Rome.  To donate, you will be asked for your email and to set up a password. THANK YOU!