Before and After Gallery

Vestibule (Vomitorium) Restoration 2008

Vestibule Restoration

Thanks to an expensive new roof in 2008,  the DeSoto Theatre was able to finally start repairing plaster in the vestibule. The DeSoto was then awarded a grant from the newly-established Fox Theatre Institute. This allowed the Fox to research the original 1929 Adams-style colors in the domed ceiling and have its restoration experts paint the detailed ceiling.




Plaster Work

Local plaster expert British Brush restored the damaged plaster in the 1929 Adams-style ceiling, and the Fox Theatre Institute painted the ceiling in its original colors.

Facade Restoration 2011

Facade Restoration

The facade underwent major repairs in 2011, including wood trim, windows and plaster. The building was painted in the original 1929 white for a few years, settling later on a gray similar to when the Art Deco marquee was added in the 1940's.

Interior Restoration 2013

New seating

A major element of the 2013  renovation included historically-accurate new seating for 500 in the auditorium. The theatre originally seated over 1000 when it was built.


Interior Restoration 2013

Auditorium Walls

Decades of roof leaks had caused severe damage to the auditorium's plaster walls and to the Art Deco drawings, added during the 1940's renovation. The colors went back to the original brightness, based on paintings still visible backstage.

2013 Renovation


The old concessions lounge area became a new  lounge area with travertine floors, mirror and frame replaced. The 1940's Art Deco floating leather banquette will go back on the curved wall on the right, and neon lights inside the dropped ceiling will return in LED.

2013 Renovation

Marble Bathrooms

Renovated bathrooms now have marble floors and walls, with Art Deco fixtures and lights reminiscent of an earlier era.

2013 Renovation/ 2015 Counter

Concessions Lounge

Rental space to the left of the vestibule was added as a new Concessions Lounge by removing a large pane of glass that separated the spaces. Double doors connect to the 7 Hills Fellowship building, to facilitate flow for the church tenant's Sunday services at the DeSoto.

2015 Concessions Counter/Catering Kitchen

Catering Kitchen

Decades of storage was emptied and updated to make space for a catering kitchen behind the concessions counter.